Great interest for the Marina Trogir – capacities fully used



Marina Trogir is prepared to welcome the new season since there is great interest for berths which it offers.  Contracts on the renting of 86 berths have been signed with five charter agencies. Together with the already signed contracts these new contracts mean that all available capacities of the Marina Trogir will be used.
The charter agencies Cata Sailing d.o.o., Waypoint d.o.o., Croatia Yacht Club d.o.o. and Pitter travel agency d.o.o. have contracted the annual accommodation of their vessels in Marina Trogir, whereas the Angelina charter has signed a three-year contract for its 28 vessels. Croatia Yacht Club has already moored its vessels to the pontoons, and the other four agencies will do the same until the beginning of March, or April, which means before the very beginning of the new season. 
Angelina charter has the largest fleet, of 28 vessels of very different types and lengths, 20 are sailing boats and 8 are catamarans. The largest part of the fleet consists of Bavaria vessels, with some Oceanis or Dufours. These vessels are 11.62 m to 16.16 m long. The vessels have been produced recently, and this year the fleet was supplemented with three new vessels, the 13.85 m Oceanis 45, the 13.50 m Dufour 450 and the 12.40 m Hanse 415. All catamarans have been produced recently, from the one with 11.97 m in length to the one 14.98 m long, and the two most recent ones, Fountain Pajot-Saba 50, of 14.98 m, Lagoon 400, of 11.97 m and tree Lagoon 450 of 13,96 m, complete this wide range of products and services.
Croatia Yacht Club will also use berths in Marina Trogir during this year in accordance with the contract. They have 22 vessels of different types and lengths, from 10.3 m to 16.06 m. The greatest number of vessels belongs to the brands Elan and Bavaria, some of them are Allures and Jeanneaus, and the fleet also consists of 4 Salonas.

The Pitter travel agency will moor 19 of its vessels, from 11.97 to 16.75 m in length, in the Marina. The greatest number of vessels belong to the Bavaria brand, and there are also some Beneteaus, Lagoons, Oranas and Liparis. These are all recently built vessels, and this year the fleet was supplemented with the 14.27 m Bavaria Cruiser 46 named Spirit II and an 11.97 m Lagoon 400 named Yara.
Waypoint d.o.o. will bring a fleet of 11 vessels to the Marina at the beginning of April.  As many as nine 12 to 15 m vessels were produced in 2015, and only two Bavaria 46 vessels were produced in 2014, so that the Waypoint d.o.o. agency enters the new season with a brand-new fleet of vessels.

The Cata Sailing d.o.o. charter agency will moor 6 of its ships to the pontoons. Five ships are about 14 m long, and the largest one is Lagoon 620 with 18.90 m.


Marina Trogir is the ideal starting point for discovering one of the most interesting places for cruising in the world, the beautiful Adriatic coast. Advantages of this Marina have been recognised by many.
"This super yacht location is one of the best in the world, and it is located on one of the most beautiful coasts for sailing in the world. Just like the other members of the club, the Marina Trogir has shown a dedication to the highest level of service, nothing less than what our clients expect," said Kurt Fraser, marketing director of the Camper & Nicholsons Marinas 1782 Club on the occasion of Marina Trogir's entry into this elite nautical club.



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